IV Sedation

Why Choose Intravenous

  Conscious Sedation?


What is IV sedation? 

Intravenous sedation is a type of

sedation that allows patients to experience

a more pleasant visit to the dentist and

allows for longer appointments in which

a large amount of treatment can be completed

in one visit. It involves administering

small amounts of sedative medications

through a cannula into a vein in the arm.

Patients report this as almost painless and

the sedatives soon take effect.  As the

medications take effect, you begin feeling

drowsy and very relaxed.  The most reported

desired effect of IV sedation is the likely

cause of some short-term amnesia, and once

treatment is completed, you are

unlikely to recall the appointment length of time.


What are the benefits of Conscious Sedation?                    

Intravenous conscious sedation is a safe and

effective method of anesthesia that allows for                   

dental procedures to be performed in a more

comfortable, relaxed state.  Conscious sedation

reduces fear and anxiety associated with dental

procedures.  Because of the increased relaxation

that occurs with conscious sedation, the safety

of those patients with medical conditions is

actually increased.


Who provides Conscious Sedation?

Conscious sedation is provided by a dentist

trained in dental anesthesiology.  Valium type

medication is given in small, incremental doses

intravenously.  At all times the patient is monitored

for their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, and

oxygen saturation.  


Am I responsive during treatment with

Conscious Sedation?

Yes, patients are always responsive during

treatment and can communicate to the dentist. 

This allows for more effective treatment.


What Does Intravenous Sedation

  during a dental procedure cost?

 Cost varies.  Our administrative

staff will discuss with you fees and if insurance

coverage is available in advance of treatment.


  Summary of Benefits

  • Reduces fear and anxiety associated with

dental procedures 

  • Increases the safety and effectiveness of

             local anesthesia

  • It is safely administered in our office by a

trained professional

  • It reduces the stress of treatment especially

            for patients who easily gag

  • Allows for longer appointments where many times

larger amounts of treatment can be performed

in one visit.