Secret: Learning about “aftercare” before surgery will help decrease post-surgical complications and establish reasonable expectations.

Typical recovery times

Recovery after most periodontal procedures is usually prompt and uncomplicated. The majority of patients may return to their normal daily routines within a day or two. However, every patient is unique, and the extent of surgery also determines how quickly you heal.  There will  be soreness, tenderness and swelling for a few days. A team member at Advanced Periodontics will provide you with complete instructions on post-operative care for your comfort. It is always advisable to take it easy the day of the surgery, and if you feel well the next day, you may resume normal activities.

What the top periodontists do to speed your recovery

With most businesses handing out less and less sick time each year, it is important to be able to return to work quickly after dental treatment. While once it was a matter of weeks before one could return to the office or school, today’s periodontists speak of days, not weeks, to having you feeling “more normal” again.

What we recommend during recovery

  • Avoid the “4 Gs.” Garlic, Ginkgo, Ginseng, and Ginger. These and other herbal supplements can affect blood clotting.
  • Avoid smoking as it can delay healing, and lead to infection and implant failure.
  • Ensure adequate sleep. It is imperative that a patient gets seven to eight hours of sleep each night during the first two to three weeks after surgery. A proper sleep cycle is important for a speedy recovery and is usually disrupted if patients are in pain. The periodontist should provide proper pain medicine to help ensure this cycle.
  • Better pain control without the unpleasant side effects. If you have had trouble with pain medications in the past, please tell your periodontist ahead of time. The main side effect is nausea, and different medicines can be added to your prescriptions to stop pain in its tracks—all with minimal side effects.
  • Ensure a proper diet. The body needs protein to heal and fluids and carbohydrates to function normally. To ensure a proper diet while recovering, stock up on easily digested, soft foods that are high in proteins and moderate in carbohydrates. Protein smoothies are great, and they can be frozen and stored ahead of time. It is best to stick with soft, easy to digest foods the first two to three days post surgery. Examples include soups, bananas, Greek yogurt, well-cooked rice, and pureed foods. It is also imperative to avoid spicy, sticky, or crunchy foods because they can cause discomfort or damage to the recently treated area.
  • Other instructions. The cleaner you can keep the treated area after surgery, the better and more quickly you will heal—and with less discomfort. Your dental professional will give you detailed oral and written instructions after each procedure, because aftercare for each treatment is different.

Our periodontists, Drs. Weiss and Evans, and our incredible staff will answer all your questions before treatment and provide support after treatment so you can feel secure in knowing what to expect. Contact Advanced Periodontics in Hamden and New Haven Connecticut to schedule a consultation today.

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