Patient Stories

Mike’s Sedation Dentistry Story

Mike’s wife, Sally, requested a private meeting with us after we had consulted with him regarding his deteriorating dental condition. She informed us that Mike had a horrible experience as a child and that this was the first time he had set foot in a dental office as an adult. He rarely smiled, was usually grumpy, and had lost all self confidence due to the many missing and decayed teeth in the front of his mouth.

“It was very difficult just to get him to come in for a consultation appointment,” Sally

We explained to Mike’s wife that both our office and his general dentist had a considerable amount of work to do to get Mike’s mouth back into shape and that due to his previous dental experience, IV sedation was recommended.

Mike’s entire care took about eight months to complete, and he told us he is happier and smiles more than he has during any other time in his life. He was promoted at work, and he enjoys being out in public again. He attributes much of the success of his treatment to being able to fall asleep while the necessary dental treatment was being performed. We are very humbled to have been able to assist in Mike’s “makeover.”

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