Patient Stories

Richard’s Dental Implant Story

Richard presented to our Hamden Connecticut office after breaking off one of his front teeth. He is a successful professional, and he was very concerned about his appearance. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth were healthy. He specified that he wanted a permanent replacement rather than a removable device.  However, he did not like the fact that two healthy teeth would have to be cut down in order to replace one missing tooth with a fixed bridge. After discussing his options to replace the missing tooth, Richard chose to replace his tooth with a permanent dental implant.

Richard returned to see us after his implant was restored. He was very happy not only with the look, but with the natural feel of his new tooth. He even told us his wife could not tell which one of his teeth was the implant!

Learn about all your treatment options from our periodontists at Advanced Periodontics in New Haven and Hamden today. We can recreate  your smile and restore your comfort and confidence with dental implants.

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