Patient Stories

Mrs. Catherine’s Dental Implant Story

Mrs. Catherine, a 91-year-old patient of ours, had worn dentures for over 40 years, and she had gotten to the point that she could not eat with them any longer due to discomfort and pain while chewing her food. As a result, she had lost a considerable amount of weight and was very unhappy. Mrs. Catherine had learned about implants from her daughter, who is also a patient in our practice. Mrs. Catherine had many questions, but her main question was about her age and dental implants. We told her that as long as a person is healthy enough to tolerate the procedure and there is adequate bone present, implants can be placed. Two implants were placed successfully to help retain her denture. Mrs. Catherine was able to return to a normal eating pattern, regained the weight she had lost, and was so happy that she came back to give us all hugs at the office one year later!

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