Gum Conditions

Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

The periodontists and dental hygienists at Advanced Periodontics are devoted to helping our patients in Hamden and New Haven to attain periodontal health.

Periodontal health should be achieved in the least invasive and most cost-effective manner. This is often accomplished through non-surgical periodontal treatment, including scaling and root planing (a careful cleaning of the root surfaces to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) from deep periodontal pockets and to smooth the tooth root to remove bacterial toxins).

Following scaling and root planing, a reevaluation examination is typically performed to determine if any further active treatment, including surgical therapy, is necessary. The majority of patients will require some form of ongoing maintenance therapy to sustain health. Non-surgical therapy does have its limitations. When it does not achieve periodontal health and stability, surgery may be indicated to restore periodontal anatomy damaged by periodontal disease and to facilitate oral hygiene practices.

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